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The premier destination for certified auto repair and service Garage in Al Quoz Dubai, specializing in luxury and premium vehicles. Your all-in-one solution for the repair and maintenance of your premium car.

Book a Car Inspection & Computer Diagnostics Now

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Book a Car Inspection & Computer Diagnostics Now

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We offer Comprehensive Care, Maintenance, and Repair Services for Automobiles.

Are you looking for the best car repair shop near you? A certified auto repair shop that provides all-in-one car services and repairs. You’ve arrived at the perfect destination; there’s no need to search further. Craft Auto Service is the premier and the Best Auto Service Center Dubai. Our team of expert and certified technicians is readily available to provide services that meet or exceed manufacturer standards at fair and competitive prices.

At Craft Auto Service, we excel in delivering top-tier General Services, Auto Body Services, Premium Auto Spa Solutions, Interval Services, and various other car maintenance and repair services across Dubai. Our team specializes in luxury, exotic, and high-end cars, providing the attention and care your valuable vehicles deserve.

General Repair

Minor & Major Services, Under Body Repair, Mechanical Repair, Electrical Repair, Other General Repair

Engine Repair

Car Engine Inspection, Engine Overhauling, Rebuild & Repair, Engine Service, Engine Oil & Filter Change, Engine Efficiency Service

Auto SPA Service

Rejuvenate your vehicle’s appearance with our expert Auto Spa service, giving it the spoiling it merits.

AC Repair Services

Our services include car AC inspection, complete AC repair and maintenance, AC gas refill, and removal of AC smell.

Steering Repair

Car Steering Inspection, Steering Assembly Repair & Service

Gearbox Repair

Car Gearbox / Transmission Inspection & Estimate, Transmission Overhauling & Repair, Transmission Oil & Filter Change, Free Diagnostics.

Suspension Repair

Car Suspension Inspection, Car Shocks, Struts, Axles, Complete Under Car Suspension, Alignments

Differential Repair

Diagnosis, fluid change, seal replacement, gear replacement, Alignment & Calibration

Oil Change

Quality Oil Change, All Fluids Topup Oil Filter Change, Air Filter Cleaning, Free Full Inspection, Free Computer Scanning & Car Wash

Car Inspection

Free Car Computer Scanning, Inspection, and diagnostics.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Get a pre-purchase inspection for the right used car: full computerized diagnostics and health check.

Coolant Flush

Ensure your vehicle’s cooling system is maintained with our premium quality coolant flushing service.

Coolant Replacement

Maintain your vehicle’s cooling system with our professional coolant replacement service to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Radiator Repair

If you want your vehicle’s cooling system to function smoothly, avail yourself of our top-quality Radiator Repair services.

Spark Plugs Change

Diagnostic check, spark plug removal, spark plug gap adjustment, new spark plug installation

Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment, Wheel Balancing, and other tire services at Craft Auto Services in Dubai

Windscreen Service

Windscreen Fixing & Replacement for all car Models & Brands & Door Glass Replacement.

Exterior Car Detailing

Elevate the appearance of your vehicle with our meticulous exterior car detailing service.

Interior Car Detailing

Elevate the appearance of your vehicle with our meticulous interior car detailing service.

Car Tinting

We offer high-quality window tinting that enhances privacy, reduces glare, and improves the overall comfort of your vehicle.

Car Wrapping

Our professional car wrapping service can transform the look of your vehicle.

Paint Protection Film

Protect and enhance your vehicle’s paint finish with our Paint Protection Film service.

Ceramic Coating

Craft Auto Services Dubai offers ceramic coating for luxury cars, including American, German, and exotic models.

Car Polishing

Elevate the shine of your car with our expert car polishing service.

Car Wrap Removing

Get the hassle-free car wrap removal experience that leaves your vehicle looking pristine.

Car Sealing and Waxing

Elevate the shine and protection of your car with our professional Car Sealing and Waxing service.

Car Painting

Get complete auto body painting services, including scratch removal, bumper repaint, and car color change in Dubai.

Exterior Car Wash and Dry

Revive the shine of your car with our all-inclusive Exterior Car Wash and Drying service.

Headlights polishing

Let our team of professionals help you restore shine with our headlight polishing service.

Brake Repair

Get your car’s brakes inspected and serviced. We offer brake pad and brake disk replacement, skimming, brake noise repair, and more.

Are you seeking a trustworthy garage to maintain your cars?

Your search ends right here with Craft Auto Services! At Craft Auto Services, We acknowledge the importance of maintaining your cars in excellent condition.


We specialize in maintaining and repairing luxury and exotic car brands, making us the ideal destination for all your car needs.


Craft Auto Services


Craft Auto Services


Craft Auto Services


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Craft Auto Services
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