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Best Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection Garage in Al Quoz, Dubai

Get a genuine pre-purchase Vehicle Inspection on that vehicle before sealing a deal!

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Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection Services in Auto Craft Services Garage in Al Quoz Dubai

We comprehend that purchasing a pre-owned vehicle can be an intense call, for the most part, because the two purchasers and merchants frequently need to catch up on specialized skills and the essential devices for a legitimate car inspection.
Here is a portion of the advantages of having a trade-in vehicle pre-purchase inspection at Craft Auto Services:
Exterior Inspection
Interior Inspection
Undercarriage Inspection
Engine and Transmission Assessment
Test Drive
Electrical System Check
Fluid Analysis
Documentation Review & Overall Report

At Auto Craft Service Garage in Dubai, Al Quoz, our carefully prepared auto professionals conduct an exhaustive pre-purchase vehicle inspection for utilized cars utilizing specific devices and specialized skills.

vehicle inspection

Your Trusted Choice for Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection!

We’re the team you can count on to ensure your next vehicle purchase is smooth and worry-free. Schedule Your Inspection Today!

Elevate Your Vehicle Purchase Confidence with Our Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection Services in Dubai Ensure your peace of mind before you buy – Schedule Your Inspection Now!

Craft Auto Services stands as the go-to choice for Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection in Dubai. Our dedicated team of auto repair and service experts is well-qualified and provides a welcoming atmosphere where you can trust your car’s inspection needs. We offer a cost-effective alternative to showrooms without compromising on quality. With a professional and experienced staff, customer satisfaction remains our top priority.

Craft Auto Services offers a comprehensive range of auto service solutions, and our assessments are transparent, ensuring you’re well-informed. When you choose us for your PPI needs, expect swift and reliable service.

During a Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) of a used vehicle, a range of common issues and concerns are often identified. These issues can vary depending on the vehicle’s age, condition, and maintenance history.

Benefits of Service

Improved engine performance.
Cost savings compared to engine replacement.
Extended engine lifespan.
Enhanced fuel efficiency.
Reduced environmental impact.

Our services encompass expert engine and gearbox repairs, diagnostics, and maintenance, ensuring your vehicle performs at its best. With advanced tools and transparent communication, we provide cost effective solutions.

Mechanical issues may include engine problems like poor compression, oil leaks, or unusual noises, as well as transmission issues such as slipping gears or rough shifting. Additionally, brake and suspension problems like worn-out pads and rotors, and exhaust system defects like leaks, rust, or damaged catalytic converters may be discovered.

Electrical and electronic problems often involve non-functional lights like headlights, taillights, or turn signals, as well as battery and charging system issues like a weak or failing battery, faulty alternator, or starter motor. Sensor and computer errors related to the engine control unit (ECU) or other electronic components may also be found. 

Interior and upholstery issues range from torn or stained upholstery affecting seats or carpeting to non-functional features like power windows, door locks, or the infotainment system. Tire and wheel problems often include uneven tire wear indicating alignment or suspension issues, as well as damaged wheels, such as bent or broken rims that may affect handling and tire performance. Fluid leaks, such as oil, coolant, or transmission fluid, can be discovered, indicating worn gaskets, seals, or other issues. Safety concerns may involve airbag or ABS warning lights, indicating problems with safety systems, and worn or inadequate tires, affecting traction and road safety.

General maintenance and service history often pertain to incomplete maintenance records or a lack of documented services or repairs, as well as the replacement of a critical component like the crankshaft belt or chain in many vehicles. Title and ownership issues encompass odometer discrepancies, suggesting potential mileage tampering, and a salvage or rebuilt title, indicating prior severe damage or repair.

“Evaluating Vehicles, Ensuring Peace of Mind – Your Trusted Pre-Purchase Inspection Garage in Dubai!”

We inspect all brands from Mini to Ferrari don’t hesitate to call us. Our Service Advisors are ready to assist you with whatever you need! Speak to us NOW!


We specialize in maintaining and repairing luxury and exotic car brands, making us the ideal destination for all your car needs.


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